Ask the Butcher

In this section you will find information about the different cuts of pork used in our sausages and a FAQ section that is based on the questions that we get asked most frequently in the shop.

Alf Turner butcher's shop

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pigs are used in your products?

All pigs are British Red Tractor assured, which means they are fully compliant with the Assured Foods Standards’ Red Tractor scheme. Meat produced to these standards is world class, produced by highly professional, well-qualified farmers.

The pigs are sourced from the supply chain of the manufacturer, Tulip Ltd, who produce the Alf Turner sausages. The main female genetic lines used are Landrace crossed with Large White pigs whereas the main male genetic line is Large White.

What does Red Tractor mean?

Red Tractor is a food assurance scheme which indicates if food has been farmed and produced according to independently inspected standards. The scheme not only covers pig farms and feed but also livestock transportation, the slaughtering process and production methods. Farmers must observe over 130 standards relating to pig farming and welfare at all stages. These range from the design of pig accommodation to staff training, health monitoring, feed, pig transportation and overall pig management therefore ensuring a healthy environment for pigs.

The Red Tractor scheme has evolved from several independent pig farm and meat processing assurance schemes including the British Quality Assured Pork scheme (BQAP). It is now owned by the entire food industry but licensed by Assured Food Standards (AFS) and serves to provide the public with a recognisable mark of quality, safe and affordable food that they can trust. The scheme ensures thorough traceability meaning all Red Tractor pork products can be traced back to Red Tractor farms.

Where do the pigs come from?

The meat used to produce Alf Turner sausages are from known farmers that allow full traceability. They are contracted to supply pigs to the manufacturer, Tulip Ltd. Tulip Ltd has around 100 producers in its supply chain which is comprised of approximately 1,000 farms.

The pigs are sourced from the traditional pig-keeping regions of the country namely Yorkshire, Oxfordshire and the South West.

Do the Alf Turner sausages contain any allergens?

Yes, all of the Alf Turner sausages contain the allergens wheat and gluten. The Hair of the Hog sausages also contain real ale. Please find a breakdown of allergens by variant below:

Best of British – contains wheat and gluten.
Hair of the Hog – contains wheat and gluten. Also contains real ale.

Why is the meat content not 100%

A sausage with 100% meat content would not cook well. We make our sausages using a traditional mix which helps to give a succulent taste and reduces shrinkage.

Why don’t you advise customers to prick the sausages

If you prick the sausages whilst cooking you will let the meat juices escape and lose the taste.

Can the Alf Turner range be bought online from our website

The range can be bought online via the various retailers who stock the products but our own business is a traditional family butcher’s shop so we do not sell via the website but we look forward to welcoming you to the shop if you are in the Aldershot area.

Where do you source the ale used in your sausages

We buy the ale used in the Pickled Pig and Hair of the Hog sausages from the Hogs Back Brewery which is a local independent brewer based in Tongham. The Hogs Back has been brewing ale since 1992 and they have won numerous awards for the quality of their product