Dragons' Den

Dragons’ Den is now in its tenth series and is still receiving record-breaking ratings. I applied to the show to promote our award winning sausages and to present the quality and heritage of our brand to viewers nationwide. My main focus was to show the Dragons and the public how great quality British sausages should be made and  to convince them that there would be a demand for my product if the sausages were available nationally.

After previously watching episodes of Dragons’ Den, I realised that all applicants were required to walk up a rickety staircase before facing the five fierce Dragons. I was focused on ensuring my pitch went as smoothly as possible and balancing sizzling sausages up a set of stairs was bound to be an issue.  In preparation I gathered trays of cooked sausages and practiced walking up stairs for weeks before the recording.

I travelled up to BBC’s Manchester head office where they were filming the new series of Dragons Den for the first time (previously filmed at Pinewood studios). Once I arrived and had prepared the sausages, a researcher from the BBC told me I was next to pitch and opened the door which lead to the Den, I walked forward with my chin up in preparation to see the steep staircase, then I realised that in the new studio applicants were now required to walk DOWN a set of stairs rather than up, somehow I managed!

Since Dragons’ Den I have been working closely with Peter and his investment team, perfecting the branding, securing distribution with major retailers and now I’m thrilled that my sausages are available for everyone to enjoy.