Field Kitchen Set

A premium selection of Spices to arm you for every eventuality.

Paul Turner

What’s in the box

  • Salt & Szechuan – The Everyday Hero
  • Lemon & Fennel – Your Zesty Hero
  • Carolina Reaper – Your Spicy Hero
  • Cumin & Coriander – Your Curry Hero
  • recipe brochure to guide you


A Turner & Sons Sausage Ltd is proud to support Help for Heroes. 40p from the sale price of this box will be donated to Help for Heroes Trading Limited which gifts all its taxable profits to Help for Heroes (Registered Charity Number 1120920).

Please see individual seasonings for the list of ingredients..

Field Kitchen Set

Field Kitchen Set  

Salt & Szechuan

Salt & Szechuan Seasoning 

Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper Seasoning  

Lemon & Fennel

Lemon & Fennel Seasoning 

Cumin & Coriander

Cumin & Coriander Seasoning